Student Leadership


President:                                   Christian Duetemeyer

Vice President:                           Gracie Tipton

Vice President:                           Reagan Townley​

Secretary/Historian:                   ​​Elizabeth Duetemeyer

PR/Social Media                            Ellie Congdon

Improv Captain                              Austin Simonton​

Asst. Technical Director             Tanner Buffington

Master Carpenter:                     Eli Ligdon

Master Electrician:                     Alec Wilson

Costume Manager:                       Hailey Thrasher

Paint Charge:                              Adi White

Props Manager:                        Summer Wallace


​​​​​​​In addition to our curricular and production offers, we also invite guest artists to work with our students as part of our Guest Artist Program. This program is made possible through generous contributions from business, individuals and North Hall High School. This program allows working professionals to visit North Hall High School and share their expertise, experience and talent with our theatre students. Directors, designers, playwrights, actors and theatre specialists who have participated in our theatre program in recent years include:

Kari Twyman (Choreographer, GTA, Atlanta Lyric Theatre)

Benny Higgins (Musical Director, GTA)

Larry Cook​ (Designer, Gainesville Theatre Alliance)

Gay Hammond (Actor, Director, Playwright, Gainesville Theatre Alliance)

Rachael Endrizzi (Actor, Educator, Alliance Theatre, Florida Rep.)

Robert Mitchel Owenby (Actor, Atlanta Lyric, Aurora Theatre, Alliance Theatre)

Jessica Terry (Freelance Lighting Designer)

Lydia Simpson (Lighting Designer, Gainesville Theatre Alliance)

Crystal Robertson (Freelance Choreographer)

Austin Clements (Technician, Brenau University)

Lainey Kennedy (Freelance Scenic Designer)

Celeste Morris (Scenic Artist, Gainesville Theatre Alliance)

Jennifer Trippe (Lighting Designer, Alliance Theatre, Highland Playhouse)

Darin Moody (Technician, Disney Cruise Lines)

George Devours (Wig Designer, Actor, Atlanta Lyric, Alliance Theatre)

Guest Artist Program

Director of Music

Ashley Whelchel

Jan Ewing

Culture Statement

The North Hall High School Theatre program and the Hollow Horse Players exist to support students in their building of skills that will carry them through life. These skills include self-confidence, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, team building and leadership. Students will also benefit from cultural exposure, helping them to develop a more global picture of the world around us. Students, parents and staff will respect individual differences in order to help everyone involved to feel a sense of belonging. As we work on productions, we will be honest, courteous and tolerant while we build each other up. As we take into consideration our other commitments outside of the theatre, we will set expectations so that all involved can be dedicated while carefully managing their time. So that we can all be beneficiaries of a positive theatre experience we will treat each other with respect and kindness while maintaining a positive attitude, a sense of humor and a desire for excellence.

Artistic Director




Production Technical Director

Jayson T. Waddell

Hollow Horse Players